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Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy is the study of the structure of the human body whilst Physiology is the study of the body functions.

This course follows the latest scheme of work set by ITEC, ensuring you study to the highest standards. You will gain an in depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology as well as Pathology (which is the study of diseases and disorders) of the following body systems: Skeletal, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine, Skin, Cells, Reproductive, Urinary, Neurological, Digestive and Lymphatic.

Course methodology:

  • 20 classes of 2 hours by videoconference;

  • Downloadable supplementary worksheets, revision sheets to help consolidate the information;

  • for this course you will have to buy the following study book: :  An Introductory Guide to Anatomy and Physiology by Louise Tucker

Holistic Massage - Online course

The ITEC  Holistic massage (level 3) course consists of 3 online modules:

  1. Anatomy and physiology
  2. Business awareness and Professional conduct
  3. Massage

this is the Massage module.  It contains:

-The theory of Holistic Massage: History, Definition, Indications and Contraindications, the massage movements and timing
- How to prepare yourself and your workspace 
- Videos on : 

  1. how to setup the massage bed, 
  2. the massage movements, 
  3. step-by-step through each zone and 
  4. the whole routine
  • - Guidelines to make case studies
Holistic Massage - Intensive Practical Module

This course entails the theory of holistic massage: its history, definition, indications and contraindications, the movements and tips how to prepare yourself and your workplace.  The video below gives you an idea of what you are about to learn in the practical classes.

promo masaje from Naturaclass on Vimeo.